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Pack up, declutter, and clean like crazy. Potential buyers don’t like other people’s things or dirt, really turns them off, plus if a home seems unkempt, they will assume other more major things are not well maintained.   …and you’ll have to clean the entire place when you move out, so might as well get a jump on that.

If you don’t have the time to clean your home thoroughly yourself, just hire a professional; they are well worth the small investment and will make a huge difference. And a professional will clean in places and in ways that you cannot or will not and they barely cost anything. The improvement in the impression people get when they look at your house will be exponential.

And don’t forget about smell! Smell is a HUGE factor in selling a home. You might not think you’re house smells like anything, but other people are not used to your scents and will be terribly turned off by any strong odors, whether good or bad. Get pet smells, food smells (unless it’s apple pie!  ), funky smells, etc. out of the house as best you can. If a house wreaks, people will want to leave right away. Investors always say, “Cat pee smells like money.”, because they can always get a good deal on a stinky house because nobody else wants it. And don’t mask odors or use strong air fresheners, that just makes it worse. It should just be as smell-less as possible. If anything, maybe a candle.

If you clean, de-clutter, and de-smell your home as much as possible, you are sure to get more money for it; no doubt about it.

Are you doing your best to keep a clean house?

Happy selling!