The text message and Facebook Messenger messages below are between my me and my mom when she was trying to send me links to possible vacation rental homes via text message (my mom is super savvy! 🙂 ). You’ll see how I’m trying to switch many of my contacts to using Facebook Messenger instead of text and in some cases email as well because of the ease of use, plethora of functionality and features, and seamless compatibility of it. It’s not for everyone, I’ll obviously still be emailing and texting for a long time to come, as well as lots of in-person and phone time (I’m all about making it personal and in person time is always where it’s really at, but it’s not always possible), but for those who are already on Facebook and are savvy, Facebook messenger is a fantastic tool!


NOTE: Speaking in person or on the phone is always preferred, but sometimes email or text is the best way to communicate or convey information, as well as keep track of what was said and when. …plus, some clients just prefer to communicate that way, so I accommodate them and communicate any way they want to.

All identities and addresses are kept confidential. – Except this one which includes my mom. 🙂

ME: Text: The link you sent me just sends me to the general home page of the app… I’m actually starting to use Facebook Messenger for most correspondence (trying to replace email and texting with Facebook Messenger when able to – it has the ease of use of texting, but it’s also accessible from the computer or tablet or wherever, and it allows for the file sharing and further capabilities of email, and it works seamlessly between Android and iPhone which sometimes is the cause of link and text message errors, and you can do video calls between Android and iPhone which is not easy otherwise), so this would be a good time to switch you to that (trying to slowly switch contacts who are savvy and on Facebook already over to messenger)… I assume you have messenger on your phone? If not, when I send you a message, it will prompt you to download. Can you resend the property link in messenger? Facebook Messenger message coming your way!…

ME: Facebook Messenger: Can you send the link to me here and use this for correspondence from now on? (replacing email and text – you can do group messages here as well if that is needed)

MOM: Facebook Messenger: OK, will do. Why not email or text, just out of curiosity? (Dad will likely still use email, just so you know, since he’s not on Messenger!) Here’s the link to the most recent rental house: ________________________. It’s more expensive, around $_______ more per night, but has enough room and is in a relatively quiet section of ________________________.

ME: Facebook Messenger: That house looks good, let’s go with that one. Regarding Facebook Messenger, I’m more replacing text with this, but with all the capabilities of messenger, it ends up replacing a lot if the email functions. And it’s seamless between Android and iPhone, and between phones and computers and tablets. Dad can still email, that’s fine, I still have emails and texts and that’s not going away because many people are not using messenger and that’s fine, just wanna try to slowly switch because the world is going that way and it just works really well/it’s very functional.”

Derek Bicksler