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When selling a home, signage is more important than you might think. A sign, whether for sale by owner or an agent’s sign, is one of the first impressions of the home.

Along with the curb appeal of the home itself, attractive signage shows whether the seller and/or agent is conscientious, attentive, and generally does things well and takes pride in their work or not. If the sign is falling over, faded, chipping, cheap looking, etc., potential buyers will think the same of the home and people involved before they even step foot in the house. Even if you’re selling on your own, get something a little nicer than the cheapest sign at Lowes, that little difference will show buyers you care about your home. The sign is actually the first thing that catches people’s eye when they pull up to a home, even before the home itself, so make sure it’s a nice one.

Home listing signage is also important for the obvious reason…marketing. Some people don’t want a sign in front of their home for whatever reason, and they might say that people just shop for homes online nowadays and a sign isn’t all that important, but there are still people who become aware of a home for sale because of signage. Not everyone is in the market for a home, so they are not searching online, but if they see a sign in their neighborhood and maybe they have a friend that wants to live there, they might mention the home to their friend and they might be your buyer. You never know where a buyer will come from, so you need to exhaust all possible avenues to find one.

Bottom line is that signage done right can ultimately make you more money by getting more showings of your home and giving a great first impression.

Happy selling! 🙂