How to Sell a House in Central PA

An insider's guide to selling a home in the Greater Harrisburg area.

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Do you need a lockbox when selling a home?
What is Seller Assistance or Seller Help and why should home sellers consider it?
Open all blinds and window treatments as much as possible when selling a home.
Should you do an Open House when selling a home?
Why should home sellers care what type of financing their buyer is getting?
The age old question, "What's My Home Worth?"
Do you really need to clean up and de-clutter as much as people say?
Do you have to fix everything found during the home inspection?
On location: Open House: Don't hide known issues like fog between window panes.
What's the deal with radon? Should I test before i put my house on the market?
Can I leave my holiday decorations up while I'm selling?
How important is signage when selling a home?
What if you sell your home and have nowhere to go?