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Sick of your outdated orange’ish stained oak kitchen cabinets!? Or is your kitchen just beat? If so, this episode is especially for you!

Kitchens are obviously the most expensive room of a home as well as the biggest selling point, or detractor. And the kitchen is where most people spend a majority of their time in the home, so it’s important for that area to be nice and inviting. Many home sellers, buyers, and owners would like to redo their kitchens for less than tens of thousands of dollars, but until now, the only alternative has been to paint the cabinets yourself (which never turns out right and others won’t be fooled) or have kitchen saver come in (which is barely less than a new kitchen and you’re also stuck without a kitchen for a while). That changes now!

In this episode, John Lapp​ of Lapp Cabinet Coatings tells us how he can take old beat up or just ugly cabinets and turn them into anything you want them to be (color, handles, hinges, new doors and drawers, repair doors and drawers, add matching new cabinets, add glass inserts, etc. etc., whatever you need). His methods leave you with a super professional product while not making you give up your kitchen for weeks. …and it will cost pennies on the dollar as compared to kitchen saver or a new kitchen. (like $3,000 compared to $20,000 – that big of a difference – can obviously vary with what you get done, but you get the picture – contact John for pricing for your home)

This truly is a game changer for all property owners and most definitely puts another tool in the arsenal of renovation methods for maximizing home values. This could also be utilized for bathrooms as well. Redo your cabinets with Lapp, slap a new counter top on, throw up a new tile backsplash, redo the floors, and your new kitchen is complete for a fraction of the cost; and most importantly, the value of your home will surely increase and give you a good return on your investment!


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