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In this episode I spoke with HeathKeith, and Greg of 360 Tour Designs, one of, if not the most, widely used real estate photography companies in Central PA. We talk about what they do, new cutting edge marketing tools available now and coming soon, and some things Central PA home sellers can do to get ready for photos and showings; and ultimately maximize what they get for their home.

If first impression is everything, then the photos are definitely one of the most important parts of marketing a home for sale because buyers are searching online for homes, not driving around neighborhood looking for signs like they used to, so the initial impression they get is the online photos and how the home is represented visually on the internet. I highly recommend using a professional real estate photographer like 360 Tour Designs because it’s not that expensive (only $135+/- for a basic package of roughly 25 photos) and it will get you so many more showings than taking a few crappy photos with a phone (I don’t care how well your phone takes pictures, it cannot do what pros do); and more showings generally equals more money for the home seller. …plus if they are have a good impression from the photos coming into it, they will be more receptive of the home than if they are iffy about even looking at it because of the photos and online marketing.

Bottom line is that online marketing is kind of like the first showing these days. By the time someone goes to look at a home, they already know a ton about it, so it’s good to give them a great first showing so they schedule that “second” showing; i.e. a tour the home in person.

Happy selling!