How to Sell a House in Central PA

An insider's guide to selling a home in the Greater Harrisburg area.

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Episode 6:

How to short sale a house

GUEST:  Jason Sanseverino of My Closing Short Sale Negotiation

My Closing

19 S. 10th St., Suite D
Lemoyne, PA 17043


Episode 5:

How to sell a house during a divorce.

GUEST:  Tim Colgan of Colgan and Asssociates law firm

Colgan & Associates
Mechanicsburg 717.727.0065
York 717.428.7358

Episode 4:

Kitchen cabinet refinishing at a fraction of the price of Kitchen Saver

GUEST:  John Lapp of Lapp Cabinet Coatings

Lapp Cabinet Coatings


Episode 3:

Staging a home for sale

GUEST:  Sue Kauffman and Amie Howes of Sue Kauffman and Company Home Staging and Interior Design

Sue Kauffman & Company

Episode 2:

Professional photography and marketing solutions for selling a home

GUEST:  Heath Freeland, Greg Drake, and Keith Bolash of 360 Tour Designs

360 Tour Designs

Episode 1:

Home inspections and what to expect

GUEST:  John Staz of Enviroquest Home Inspections and Radon Mitigation System Installation