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Staging is a huge part of the home selling process and should not be overlooked. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it a great one. If people don’t enjoy their visit to the home, they will be much less likely to return or make an offer. Proper home staging can improve a buyer’s opinion of a home immensely, thereby bringing more money for the home.
Just a few general staging tips:

1. Less is best. De-clutter. Minimal is the name of the game when talking about furniture and especially nick knacks decorations, personal belongings, etc. It makes for better photos, better showings, and makes the home feel bigger and more like a blank slate to make their own.

2. Make it look like a hotel. Furnished and staged, but questionable whether someone still lives there. In a perfect world, buyers will ask if the sellers are still living there or not.
4. Touch up and paint as much as needed.
5. Repair any visibly damaged items (and not visible too, but those would be fixed for functionality and disclosure reasons, this is referring to items that are just messed up and ugly and catch the eye.
6. Mitigate any noticeable odors, whether good or bad. People don’t like pet smells or smoke or air fresheners that are trying to cover that stuff up. The best is to have as close to zero smell as possible, but maybe some cleaning supply type of smell that’s not very strong or construction type smells might be okay at low levels because they show care of the property (as long as they’re not overpowering). Again, with the smell, it should be as benign as possible. There are methods out there to completely get rid of all odors. You might not think your home smells like anything, but I guarantee it does. Just make sure to address any smells. Bake an apple pie if you really need a freshener, people do love that smell!!
7. Arrange furniture as intended… meaning if the bedroom was designed to have the bed on a specific wall and spot, place it there, do not leave it against a different wall or something because that’s the way you liked it; or maybe you made the dining room into an office. Set the home up as it was meant to be furnished. Pretend you’re a new home builder and you’re trying to show off what each room is and how one would lay it out. People do not have the imagination that you might think they have; they really need visualization most of the time.
8. De-clutter again. If you have to pack an unfinished basement or garage or closets full, that’s fine, but get as much out of the living space as possible.
Can you tell the theme… de-clutter and basically pack up because it will help you sell the home faster and for more money, and you intend to move, so you might as well get a jump on that anyway; you’ll be glad you did.
If you need help staging your home and getting it ready for photos and showings, you can always reach out to professionals like Sue and Amie, they know exactly want home buyers want and can make a huge difference in your bottom line!
Happy selling! 🙂


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