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Selling your home and having nowhere to go can be tough, especially when you have a ton of stuff to move. Nobody wants to move twice, or put things in storage, or pay high temporary housing rent, or impose on family or friends; however, if you must sell your home before you can buy a new one, and you have a ready and willing buyer at price and terms acceptable to you other than you not having a place to go, do it.

In a perfect world, you settle on your house in the moring, and settle on the new house in the afternoon, but getting all the things that have to happen perfectly to line up correctly doesn’t always happen, so you have to be ready to deal with some moving and housing headaches for a little to make your move happen. Just the nature of the beast sometimes. Better to get your home sold than to not and then be sitting there months from now wishing you had taken the offer.

Happy selling!