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If you’re selling a home in Central PA, there’s a high chance that you’ll have radon levels higher than the recommended exposure limit. Every buyer is going to test for radon, and if the level is too high, they will ask you to install a radon mitigation system. You can refuse, but this is usually a losing battle because now that you know the level is too high, you have to tell every potential buyer, and a majority of buyers will not buy a home without a mitigation system if the level is high, so you might as well bite the bullet and agree to it.

Some people even opt to test prior to selling and go ahead and install the mitigation system if the level is high. This removes one more obstacle to selling and gives potential buyers confidence that you are conscientious with your home and want to provide a nice home for the next owner. Having said that, you can certainly just wait and see when the buyer does their inspections, but I personally just like to know ahead of time and give potential buyers the report (with my personal properties, I even do a whole inspection and fix every item on the list – removes doubt in potential buyer’s eyes and allows me to ask top dollar for my properties and leaves little room for them to find fault about anything in order to negotiate the price down – it’s part of my “Certified Pre-Owned” listing plan – which includes Pre-Listing Inspections and Completed Repairs, Home Warranty Provided to Buyer, and Pre-Listing Appraisal completed that supports the asking price/asking price based on pre-listing appraisal). Whether you do it ahead of time, or wait and let the buyer test, come to terms with the fact that you might have to install a radon mitigation system, just part of selling a home in Central PA. This way you won’t be surprised; and if the levels are within the acceptable standard, then it’s like a bonus $800-1,000 you don’t have to spend!


Happy selling! 🙂